Scenario 2 for Private Pilot Applicants

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Scenario 2 for Private Pilot Applicants

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Scenario: The purpose of this flight is for the pilot (applicant) to fly with three family members to a family function. This family function will include an overnight stay for most people who are attending. Activities planned at the function are camping at a local lake, where people can, hike, water-ski, and scuba dive. The nearest airport that you will be landing at is a grass runway. Rides to take them to the family function have been arranged for the pilot and passengers upon arrival. A barbecue dinner honoring the grandparents is scheduled for the afternoon of the flight’s arrival. One family member who is a passenger is planning to give a formal speech at this event. The return flight is planned for late evening after the event, departing just after sunset, so the pilot and one passenger can get to work on time the next morning. Two of the passengers are planning to stay overnight. The airport for the initial departure is assumed to be a short runway with several obstacles surrounding it. You the applicant are not paying for the aircraft rental, a family member has offered to pay for all aircraft rental expenses.

Plan a VFR cross country from KGAI to 3N6.

Use the weight and balance data for the aircraft to be used for the checkride. The applicant needs to do two weight and balance forms. One for the scenario and one for the actual flight. For the scenario the passengers weight 145 pounds, 175 pounds, 200 pounds, and 130 pounds. Tell the examiner how much fuel can be on board. The weight and balance for the actual checkride will be for the applicant and Harry (Harry's weight is 140 pounds).

The applicant must complete a VFR navigation log and complete a VFR flight plan. The applicant needs to be prepared to discuss a VFR flight plan.

Here is a link to a VFR navigation log ... -plan.html
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