Scenario 6 Commercial Pilot

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Scenario 6 Commercial Pilot

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Updated April 30 2020

Prepare a cross country from KGAI or KFDK (depending on where your checkride is starting) to KWWD.

You have a new job (an office job) working for a real estate developer. Your new boss has just purchased some land that he plans to build a housing development on. The property is 12 hours away if he drives and about 4 hours away by small plane. The boss knows that you have your commercial pilot’s license and ask if you can fly him there on the day he is scheduled to close on the property. The boss has offered to pay for the aircraft rental. Your boss has also offered to pay you additional for your pilot services for the day. The boss has also hired a photographer to take some aerial pictures of the property on settlement day. These pictures will be used in some of the advertisements.

The plan is that on settlement day, you will fly your new boss and a photographer to a small airport near the property. Before landing, the boss wants you to fly as low as you can over the property so that the photographer can get some nice aerial shots. Due to work and weather issues, you have not flown in about 3 or 4 months. The boss needs to do the trip in one day since he needs to be back the next day for a meeting. There are scattered thunderstorms forecast near the destination. About 20 miles from your destination airport a thunderstorm develops along your route and the photographer in the rear seat is starting to get air sick. You decide to divert to an airport that is about 5 miles away. Upon landing at the airport near the property, you notice several flight instruments malfunction. They are the airspeed indicator, VSI, and altimeter. The applicant must explain the VFR equipment requirements and if we can fly the aircraft home.

You need to complete a VFR navigation log and a VFR flight plan. Be prepared to explain the purpose of a VFR flight plan.

Please prepare a weight and balance for the plane you will be using on the test. You will do two weight and balance. The scenario weight and balance is for a pilot and one other front seat passenger, one is 160 pounds and the other is 170 pounds. You also have a rear seat passenger at 150 pounds. Tell me how much fuel can be on board with maximum baggage. Please use the weight and balance information for the aircraft being used for the checkride.

The weight and balance for the actual checkride is for you and the examiner. The examiner weighs 140 pounds. Please use the weight and balance information for the aircraft being used for the checkride.

Here is an article Harry wrote for a FAA publication on becoming a high time pilot
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