Scenario 8 Instrument Rating

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Scenario 8 Instrument Rating

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You are a Part 135 Charter Operator departing KBWI IFR to KJFK. You have passengers at KBWI to drop off at KJFK. For aircraft performance data, use the data for the aircraft you will use on your flight test.

You will not be asked any Part 135/Charter questions. The part regarding being a Part 135 Charter Operator is just to discuss takeoff minimums.

The weather at KBWI is 900 foot overcast and visibility is less than 1/4 mile.

Your IFR clearance (route) is BAL V378 BELAY V166 DQO V252 RBV V123 RENUE Direct.

You have also been given the PALEO THREE DEPARTURE.

You will be departing runway 28 at KBWI.

Please prepare an IFR Flight Plan for this trip. You do not need to file it. Please prepare a weight and balance for the actual flight in your aircraft with the examiner. Harry's weight is 140 pounds.

Be careful when IFR and there is another aircraft on the frequency with a similar tail number. The following is from an IFR flight that Harry was on and both the pilot and ATC became very confused due to similar tail numbers.
Clearance confusion: YouTube audio ...
Print out of the audio ... lSigns.pdf
Article by Harry Kraemer regarding this incident that was published in IFR Refresher ... fusion.pdf

An article by Harry Kraemer that was published in IFR Refresher about a thunderstorm encounter Harry had in a Piper Malibu. It is very important to maintain control of the aircraft. ... unters.pdf

Here is an article I wrote about an IFR flight I did where just about everything that could go wrong, went wrong

When can you descend to the altitude on the approach plate? See ... e-approach
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