Scenario 11 Private Pilot KFDK

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Scenario 11 Private Pilot KFDK

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Updated 04-27-2020

You are taking your mother, father and grandmother to a wedding in Farmingdale, New Jersey (KBLM). Your father has offered to pay for the plane rental. The flight begins in the afternoon, and you will be returning that night. Your mother weighs 145 pounds, your father weighs 195 pounds and your grandmother weighs 115 pounds. Since it is a day trip, there is no luggage. However, your parents are bringing the wedding gift, which is a 50-pound set of dishes. Be prepared to tell the examiner how much fuel you can take and still be within limits.

While checking the weather at your destination, you notice that the temperature and dew point are within 5 degrees of each other.

During your preflight, an FAA aviation safety inspector (ASI) introduces himself and says he wants to conduct a ramp inspection. After checking your pilot and medical certificates, the ASI asks how you determined that the airplane was in an airworthy condition.

The FAA inspector is satisfied. He shakes your hand, and moves to the next airplane. You continue your preflight. You turn the master switch on, turn on all the external lights, and perform a walk-around. You notice that the landing light is inoperative. Now what?

After you takeoff towards your destination, you offer to make a slight diversion from your route so your parents can see their house from the air. Your mother is excited to see her house from the air, and she asks if you can descend and circle so she can take pictures.

You need to do a weight & balance for the scenario. You also need to do a weight & balance for the actual flight with the examiner. The examiner weighs 140 pounds.

You need to complete a VFR Flight Plan and VFR Navigation Log from KFDK to KBLM. Be prepared to explain the purpose of a VFR Flight Plan, how to file a VFR Flight Plan, and how to open a VFR Flight Plan.

Here is a link to a VFR navigation log ... -plan.html
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