Scenario 12 Instrument Rating

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Scenario 12 Instrument Rating

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Updated 08-24-2021

Plan an IFR cross country from KCBE to KLNS. If using paper charts you will need the L-30/L-29. Just plan this trip one way and use the weather at the time you planned the trip.

Here is your weather for departure: winds from 020 degrees (north/northeast) at 6 knots (7 mph), ½ mile visibility with moderate snow and icing, low-level windshear, and clear air turbulence conditions with overcast skies. The base of the cloud layer was recorded at 500 feet above the ground. >>>>You are departing on runway 05. You're single pilot flying a Cirrus SR22(for the scenario only). For the sake of the scenario, you have to takeoff. Be prepared to discuss the decision to takeoff and what you would look at to make the takeoff as safe as possible. Here is a link to the NTSB material on the accident where I took this weather from - ... sp=sharing

The weather at KLNS is 700 foot overcast with 1/2 mile visibility.

Please prepare an IFR Flight Plan for this trip. You do not need to file it. Be prepared to tell me where you can find preferred IFR routes.

For added discussion: You have been on an IFR cross country trip. Your GPS database is expired so you have been using VORs for navigation. You landed at an airport to spend the night. The morning of your departure, it is IFR. The only SID for the airport uses a NDB. You have never flown using a NDB. Should you try the SID with the NDB or load the SID in your GPS even though it has an expired database?

The pilot and front seat passenger each weigh 170 pounds. You have 2 rear seat passengers. One weighs 100 pounds and the other is 95 pounds. Be prepared to tell the examiner how much fuel we can take, how much fuel is needed, and how much baggage we can take. Use the weight and balance data for the aircraft to be used on the checkride.

Please prepare a weight and balance for the actual flight in your aircraft with the examiner. Harry's weight is 140 pounds.

Here is an article I wrote about an IFR flight I did where just about everything that could go wrong, went wrong

Here is an article I wrote about a thunderstorm encounter I had while flying a Piper Malibu ... unters.pdf
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