Scenario 13 Commercial Pilot

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Scenario 13 Commercial Pilot

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Updated March 5 2021

Plan a VFR cross country from KGAI to KMJX. You need to complete a paper VFR navigation log and have a paper sectional with you course drawn on it. Please complete a VFR flight plan. Please be prepared to explain the purpose of a VFR flight plan.

You have a friend at KGAI that sells aircraft. He has asked you to fly an aircraft to KMJX to have a possible buyer look at it and perform a prebuy inspection. You will wait with the aircraft and oversee the inspection. If the buyer purchases the plane, the arrangement is that you will fly the plane back to KGAI with the buyer on board. After landing back at KGAI, the buyer will fly his new plane back home. Your friend that is selling the plane plans to pay you for your services.

Your friend at KGAI also asked that you drop off a friend of his at a little private airport called Pemberton which is just west of KMJX.

Use this POH and let me know if we can fly this plane with the overhead speaker inop ... sp=sharing

Here is your weight and balance info for the scenario: Two front passengers, 160 pounds, and 170 pounds. The rear passenger is 150 pounds. Tell me how much baggage can be carried with full fuel.

You need to complete a weight and balance for the actual checkride. The examiner weighs 140 pounds.

The weather at KMJX shows the following:
A fast moving cold front has just passed the night before.
The winds aloft at the 3000 foot level and up were forecast to be very strong and the surface winds were forecast to be calm.
The briefer also said that the pressure was falling rapidly.
The ATIS or AWOS at KMJX stated the winds as 270 at 15.
When you arrived at the airport, the wind sock showed the wind from the east at the arrival end of the runway you were planning to use.

Here is an article Harry wrote for a FAA publication on becoming a high time pilot

Here is an article regarding checklist usage that Harry wrote
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