Scenario 22 CFII

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Scenario 22 CFII

Postby hkraemer » Sun Jun 14, 2020 10:24 am

Updated October 7 2021

This scenario takes about 2 plus hours to complete

You have been given a new instrument student that came to your flight school from another flight school. He was ready for his checkride under Part 141. Your flight school is currently teaching only under Part 61. This particular student has the minimum requirements for Part 141. Explain to me what needs to be completed to be able to sign him off under Part 61.

Explain to me when an instrument rating applicant should take the IFP Instrument Rating Foreign Pilot Knowledge Test. Be prepared to discuss the IFP knowledge test.

Be prepared to discuss how temperature affects true altitude and why this is important.

Be prepared to discuss VFR-On-Top: why would you want to do this?

If you view a pilot report (reporting ice), how long after the pilot report would a flight in that area be considered "flight into known icing"? (This is just for discussion, I am not sure that there is a correct answer to this)

Have a Lesson Plan prepared and be ready to teach the LPV 16 approach at KDMW.

Please review the follow Form 8710 and let me know if it is ready to submit. See ... JxYNN/view

Can a flight instructor that has never flown with an applicant (applicant for a practical test) give him/her the endorsement below? This is known as the 61.39 endorsement that is required for a practical test. - I certify that [First name, MI, Last name] has received and logged training time within 2 calendar-months preceding the month of application in preparation for the practical test and [he or she] is prepared for the required practical test for the issuance of [applicable] certificate.

Using this POH, let me know if we can fly this plane on a day IFR flight in instrument conditions with the aircraft position lights inop. Here is the POH --- ... sp=sharing

Can a flight instructor teach judgement? Here is an article Harry wrote on the subject - ... dgment.pdf

How to recognize a glide slope failure, an article by Harry Kraemer for IFR Refresher - ... ilures.pdf

How to teach a realistic unusual attitude, by Harry Kraemer - ... covery.pdf

How many approaches is safe at an airport, by Harry Kraemer - ... oaches.pdf
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