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Scenario 24 CFI

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Updated June 4 2021

You are a new CFI at a busy FAR Part 141 flight school. You have been given a new student that has come to the school to earn all of his ratings up to Commercial Pilot ASEL and AMEL. Both you and the student are from different countries and English is not either of your native language. Your student is very smart and has memorized most of the FARs and most of the material from the FAA's Airplane Flying Handbook. However he has problems using the knowledge to the understanding, application, and correlation level of learning. He has already failed his Private Pilot Practical Test due to the fact that he cannot apply his knowledge to the application and/or correlation level of learning.

Please explain to me how you will proceed with this student in preparing him for the Private Pilot Practical Test.

Here is an 8710 to review. Let me know if this is ready to submit. ... sp=sharing

Show me the endorsements required for a student pilot's initial solo.

Explain to me the process that you will do to signup a new student in IACRA for their student pilot certificate.

Can a flight instructor that has never flown with an applicant (applicant for a practical test) give him/her the endorsement below? This is known as the 61.39 endorsement that is required for a practical test. - I certify that [First name, MI, Last name] has received and logged training time within 2 calendar-months preceding the month of application in preparation for the practical test and [he or she] is prepared for the required practical test for the issuance of [applicable] certificate.

You have a student that holds this pilot certificate ... sp=sharing. Is this 8710 ready to submit ... sp=sharing

Your student does not understand how to use this chart ... sp=sharing. He has asked you to show him how to do the private pilot questions without the use of this chart. Be prepared to cover this with Harry on your CFI Practical Test.

Teaching the importance of using checklist! Here is an accident that happened because the crew did not use the checklist and forgot to put in flaps for takeoff ... Flight_255

Please research the questions in this stall quiz and be prepared to discuss them on the test ... sp=sharing

Here is another document that contains a lot of questions regarding stalls, we will not discuss this during your test. This is just some material for you to use. ... sp=sharing

Using this POH, let me know if we can fly this plane on a day IFR flight in instrument conditions with the aircraft position lights inop. Here is the POH ... sp=sharing

As a flight instructor, you are a mentor. You will meet many new pilots during your career. And you will make an impact on many of them. Here is an article by Harry of his most memorable experience in aviation ... -aviation/.

Please prepare a lesson plan on Eights On Pylons. You will teach this maneuver during the flight portion of your practical test.

Is there ever a time when you may want to intentionally land gear up? Here is an article that Harry wrote on the subject
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