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AMD Alarus

PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2011 5:05 pm
by DKraemer
The Alarus definitely has the right stuff. It is simple, tough and easy to maintain. Its large cabin, high-end avionics, low fuel burn and excellent flight characteristics make it the perfect trainer or personal aircraft.

The Alarus is FAA type certified Utility/Normal and IFR. This is NOT a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). It looks similar to any other classic low wing aircraft. What makes it unique is that you can buy one new today with all the latest high-tech components! Designed for today's pilot with a large comfortable cabin area, excellent avionics, and inexpensive operation (5.5 gallons per hour) the Alarus is a solid investment.

The Alarus is undoubtedly the toughest simplest metal light aircraft in production. The all metal, semi-monocoque stressed skin construction with internal ribs, longerons, and bulkheads distribute the loads. It is simple, tough and easy to inspect and repair, a huge benefit for flying schools.