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Side by Side comparison

PostPosted: Thu Jun 11, 2015 3:23 pm
by hkraemer
5 9 7 K C Asking $949,000 with 370 TTAF and engine – Blue Book retail is 970,925 – warranty to Dec 2015
5 9 6 S T Asking $959,000 with 425 TTAF and engine – Blue Book retail is 934,963 – warranty to Oct 2015
5 9 5 S T Asking $995,000 with 210 TTAF and engine – Blue Book retail is 1,027,125 – warranty to Feb 2016

All of the above aircraft info / Blue Book values are just adjusted for airframe and engine times. Nothing was added for installed equipment. This is just putting them side by side in terms of airframe and engine hours. They are all very similar in terms of equipment. In terms of value, 5 9 6 S T looks a like the best value. 5 9 6 S T comes with a fresh annual. I think we can get this one for $935,000 or less. The folks at K a n s a s Aviation are not as willing to move the aircraft for us to see/demo it. They want a letter of intent to buy and/or $2500 for fuel and pilot fees. We can always go to Kansas a lot cheaper via the airlines. The benchmark or average hours per year for the 2013 Mirage is 171 hours. Blue Book makes adjustments based on this. While 5 9 6 S T has higher than average hours this will turn the other way in a few years if you are only flying 100 hours per year. Most warranty items are found and repaired at an annual. In my opinion the longer warranty on 5 9 5 S T does not add that much value simply because the annual is due in July 2015 and that is where you will find most of the warranty items. You will get one annual while under warranty with each aircraft. I believe Skytech is doing the annual on 5 9 6 S T so that will be your prebuy (the way Derek talked they are paying for the annual). A fresh annual on an aircraft like this adds a lot of value.