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August 2016 Meeting Notes

PostPosted: Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:37 pm
by hkraemer
Meeting Aug 4 2016

Checkout the aircraft for every flight in the Paperless 141 system - very important

Maneuvers (feedback from DPEs & Harry) – landing too long – taxi too fast – pattern too wide – teach all per airplane flying handbook – Problem maneuvers for WIFA applicants are lazy 8s – chandelles – power off 180 accuracy landing

Shirts – By end of Aug all must wear proper WIFA shirt or you will be sent home

Arrow – emergency gear extension procedure – just show student once – too hard on plane

Seminole – just feather engine once during your training (once per applicant). A student only needs to see this once before the checkride.

TSA inspection next week – everyone see me – I have been trying for a year for this and some of you still have not contacted me – TSA inspection very soon – you will be fired if Harry does not have all of your info

Please keep coffee area clean and pot filled. Please keep classroom and aircraft clean.

We will bill you if you bring a plane back late – If you bring a plane back late the CFI waiting for you can bill you for being late. No warnings. This starts as of August 4 2016.

Maintenance log books - $30 for us to put them back – I have already charged a few for this service. If you remove the log books from the maintenance hangar for a checkride you need to put them back. Do not leave them at the front desk.

When I send you new students please contact them asap and if you have questions please ask the student yourself. As of this meeting if I do not have all of your paperwork in my file you will not get new students. So please check with me to be sure your file is up to date.

Photo flights – when you get these you contact them and ask the questions. Do not ask the front desk or me to call them and ask your questions. The front desk will not help in the flight planning.

Squawks for aircraft – you must enter these, do not have the front desk do this.

Everyone should be using a syllabus for all training. This can be the PTS. Harry has some training syllabus online for use by WIFA.

Harry Kraemer or Ziv will supervise all CFI training.

Harry should be informed about all checkrides and the results.

You must use student folders for all students, private to ATP. Harry has them in his office.

Please secure aircraft properly. Put pitot tube covers on and gust locks in place. Tie down the aircraft properly. Close fuel caps properly.