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Examiners & Checkrides

PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2016 2:36 pm
by hkraemer
It has been brought to my attention by some of the examiners that our students and/or instructors are double booking different examiners for checkrides and not canceling one of them once they get the checkride complete. When I find out who is doing this they (the instructor and student) will be responsible for paying the examiner that got stood up – you will pay their entire checkride fee. So far this has only been with Israeli students. Most of the examiners know that our Israeli students are on tight time schedules and are very accommodating and allow us/you to book several dates for one checkride – they even know that we may book one date with one examiner and a backup date with a second examiner. This is fine. However once you get the checkride complete you need to cancel the backup checkride. Again when I find out who is doing this they will pay the examiner the full price for the backup date that they never used (and did not cancel).

On the topic of checkrides, I have asked before. I should know about all checkrides (dates, DPE, certificate or rating). I do not need to look over your shoulder but I should know about them. Often I will get calls from examiners that want to debrief me about problems on a particular checkride and they are surprised that I did not even know about the checkride.

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