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Nov 2016 Meeting Notes

PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2016 11:06 am
by hkraemer
This will be a monthly meeting from now on. The first Monday of the month.
Next meeting Dec 5th at 11:30 am.

Congratulations to Ido and Travis.
Employees that do an outstanding job will get rewarded. Some already have been rewarded.

Christmas is coming – for Christmas perhaps have a secret Santa???

WIFA stuff:
See me for your jacket – most of them are here.
See me for name badges.
See me for business cards.
CFI only to call DPE to schedule checkrides.
We have a degree program.
We accept Veterans program.
WIFA uniform is required – we will send people home not in uniform.
Proper uniform. I have shirt ordering info online and this was emailed to most if not all of you.
Do not leave personal items at front desk or in sim room. Keep the school clean and organized. Water bottles will be thrown away.
The front desk is for office employees only.
Francesca and Ariel have been working on aircraft checklist.
Francesca has been working on updating the weight and balance in the Paperless system.
Keep aircraft clean. Bring in trash after each flight. No oil cans in baggage compartment.
Keep coffee area clean.
Do not get fuel from truck. Fuel from truck is for discovery flights and sometimes checkrides.
Do not leave handheld radio at the front desk. Please schedule the use of this with Harry.

Flight training stuff:
Teach from FAA books/material. Everyone teach the same!
Handouts in class room – I may put everything online and remove this. – Less clutter in classroom.
Extending crosswind for traffic – wrong. Then doing a 360 on downwind – wrong.
Do not need to announce clear of runway especially when aircraft announces departing.
Your are not clear of the active.
Landing long – stop this.
Do not pump throttle to prime engine – will cause engine fires.
Do not use 122.70 in practice area.
When doing pre solo checks with other instructor’s students watch how you handle this. Don’t be too critical and give credit where it is due.

GAI stuff:
No runups on ramp area.
Spend minimum time at fuel pump – lots of complaints from FBO.
Restrict night landing at KGAI.