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New NOTAM RE: Pattern Work at KGAI

PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 12:32 pm
by hkraemer
See link for full NOTAM ... 9047366338

3. SFRA PATTERN WORK (Remaining in Local Traffic Pattern)

All pilots requesting VFR traffic pattern work at an airport within the DC SFRA (but not within the DC FRZ) that does not have an operating airport traffic control tower, or where the airport traffic control tower is closed, and the aircraft will depart the airport to remain within the local airport traffic pattern, are advised to do the following:

   a. File a DC SFRA Pattern flight plan. The airport where the pattern work will be conducted is entered in both the departure and destination fields of the flight plan;

(SEE EXAMPLE 1, Below)
b. Using Table 1-1 below, include the appropriate Fix Radial Distance (FRD) in the “Route” field of the flight plan, so that the National Airspace System (NAS) computer accepts the flight plan;
  Table 1-1. Fix Radial Distance (FRD)
   ANP                     ANP360002
   FME                     FME360002
   GAI                      GAI360002
   HEF*                    HEF360002
   JYO*                    JYO360002
   2W5                     2W5360002
   W00                     W00360002
   W18                     W18360002
   W50                     W50360002
   MD24                   MD24360002

*An SFRA Flight Plan is not required to conduct pattern work during times when the ATCT is open.

(SEE EXAMPLE 2, Below)

  c. To identify that the aircraft is staying in the local traffic pattern, include "PATTERN" in the flight plan remarks;

(SEE EXAMPLE 3, Below)


The inclusion of “PATTERN” in remarks does not relieve the pilot of the requirement to verbally request pattern work.

    d. Contact PCT clearance delivery via telephone, GCO or RTR to advise PCT of intent to remain in the departure airport traffic pattern and to obtain a discrete beacon code;
   e. Inform PCT that pattern work is complete by contacting PCT via telephone at 540-351-6129.