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May 2017 Meeting notes

PostPosted: Mon May 01, 2017 7:41 pm
by hkraemer
See me about your 141 students - I need to keep a current list for the FSDO.

We need tact time on aircraft time sheet. The aircraft time sheet in the binder needs to be filled out completly.

I must insist on using proper checklist - people are trying to start the fuel injected 172s like the older carburetor type.

141 students must have myself or Ziv do something in IACRA before their checkride.

TSA renewals. A few of you have TSA training coming due over the next few months.

Taxiway closure. May 15 - August 15 - no touch and gos

Front desk personnel - They do not work for the instructors, we all work together. It is not the responsibility of the front desk to schedule appointments for you.

You need to checkout the aircraft or there will be fees charged to you and/or the student.

We will charge late fees if you bring back an aircraft late.

No show fees. You can charge a student no show fees if they do not show up for a lesson.

Please use proper color codes in schedule.