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Harry brings back the reward program

PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2015 10:24 am
by hkraemer
WIFA Reward Program

- Discovery Flight / Student Referral>> $100**
- First Time Checkride Pass for a Private, Instrument or Commercial License >> $100*
- First Time Checkride Pass for a Multi-Engine Student >> $50*
- First Time Checkride Pass 141 >> $200*
- First Time Checkride Pass Piper Warrior >> $150***

* Instructor eligible for reward only if student passes upon initial checkride attempt.
** Instructor is eligible for reward if the new student is acquired by a discovery flight, or if the instructor has referred the student to the school. Eligibility only if 20 hrs of flight training conducted.
*** Instructor is eligible for reward only if student conducts 75% of flights conducted on the piper warrior and the piper warrior is used for the checkride. This reward is only delivered if checkride is passed upon initial attempt.

- Prior to any flight being conducted with a student, Instructors must fill out the “New Student Checklist” and place it under the door of the Chief Pilot. Instructors are responsible for ensuring all student documents are scanned into the WIFA system.
- Students must follow the schedule of Stage Checks listed in training syllabus outlines.
- Checkride Form must be filled out with all necessary signatures and a copy of the temporary certificate attached to the form. Form then must be placed under door of Chief Pilot