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March 2016 CFI meeting summary

PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 2:16 pm
by hkraemer
Six Associate’s degree programs to be offered at WIFA via our partnership with Catonsville College: Air Traffic Control, Aircraft Dispatcher, Flight Operations Management, Professional Pilot Airplane, Professional Pilot Helicopter, and Professional Pilot Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

F1 Visa with Catonsville College and M1 Visa from WIFA

College credit for FAA certificates and ratings including ground school

Uniforms and dress code – black pants, clean shave, dark shorts for summer – old WIFA shirts ok as backup

Discussed having a person assigned to each aircraft to check for maintenance issues, inspections coming due, items missing in POH like weight & balance, etc.

Introduced our new CFI – Nadia: CFI, CFII. She will start this coming week.

Discuss new commercial pilots doing discovery flights – full time CFIs have first choice to do these

Required pre solo checks by another CFI – good idea before a checkride

See Harry or Ariel to place order for one shirt paid for by WIFA – explain how they will order their own shirts

Email Harry how you want your name on your ID tag/name badge

New student pilot certificate

Fuel – use self serve or refuel at DMW

Save all fuel receipts for fuel purchased away from GAI

For renters/students fuel will be reimbursed at GAI price

Need 141 students – See Ziv or Harry to get checked out as a 141 instructor